Podcast have really changed the way I think about my spare time. It has helped me to grow in my knowledge of God as well as in my discernment. And all this in time that is usually wasted thinking about nothing. Try it out and see how this tool can be used to really stretch your thinking. If your podcasts are downloaded they are perfect to listen to in various situations:

  1. Driving
  2. Chores
  3. Work Outs
  4. Any time that you have doing nothing

Christian Podcasts

A mix of various podcasts, from sermons to topical talks. Just a note, although these podcasts do come highly recommended by various Christians from my experience one must just always be watchful for teaching or views that could be controversial. Like we always say check this up with the ultimate authority the Bible.

  1. The Briefing – Al Molher
  2. The Gospel Coalition
  3. The Gosple Coalition – Word of the week
  4. The Gosple Coalition – Help me teach the bible
  5. Sermon of the day – Desiring God
  6. Thinking in public – Albert Mohler
  7. 5 minutes in Church History – Steven Nicols
  8. Signposts - Russel Moore
  9. Rainer on leadership - Tom Rainer
  10. 5 Leadership Questions – Todd Adkins and Barnabas Piper
  11. Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem
  12. Renewing your Mind – R C Sprowl
  13. 9Marks Interviews - 9Marks
  14. Center for Christian Living podcast
  15. Culture Matters - The Village Church
  16. Exploring My Strange Bible - Tim Mackie
  17. Hinge - Curios Media
  18. Knowing Faith - The Village Church
  19. Pastors's Talk - 9Marks
  20. Solid Joys Daily Devotional - Desiring God
  21. The Art of Godliness - Tim Challis
  22. Word Matters - Brandon Smith and Trevin Wax

There are many more podcast that God uses to edify His people, please contact me to add them to the list

How To

IOS – Apple podcast player works well, i’ve heard

Android – Podcast addict works well for me. Can be set to download over night and be ready for the day. Speed can be set as well, I listen to my podcast at x1.3. Some people just speak too slow.



Sermons are a great way for us to be interacting with God's word, to love and savor Jesus. The following three sermon libraries have helped me a lot in understanding the scriptures and also the helping me apply it.

Sermon libraries

  1. St Helens media
  2. Desiring God
  3. The Gospel Coalition

There are many more sermon libraries that can be used, I have however never not found a helpful sermon  on a topic from at least one of these. Please contact me if you feel any sermon libraries are to be added to the list.


Why - Listening to to audiobooks has helped me work through certain topics for a longer period of time, that I would not have been able to do with podcasts and sermons. 


Audiobooks can be found at the following websites:

  1. Christian Audio – Free Audiobook every month
  2. Librivox – Free audiobooks for old Christian Books
  3. Audible - Most Christian audiobooks can be found here