Methods of Studying

We offer our courses via two streams: Wednesday Night Lectures and Saturday Seminars. We believe that studying in community is an essential element of learning, therefore both streams emphasize group participation.

Wednesday Night Lectures

Our primary teaching stream, Wednesday Night Lectures are offered for a duration of ten weeks per semester. We meet for a two-hour session, which includes a double lecture, interaction and question slots, and some time for enjoying refreshments and conversation together.

Saturday Seminars

These comprise of a series of lectures over two (normally consecutive) Saturday mornings, during which a ten-week course is offered in two parts. Again, time is allocated for interaction, dialogue and conversation.

Course Material

BTI makes use of the Moore College PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate) Curriculum. This is a well-respected, carefully-organised and biblically-faithful curriculum capable of guiding the participant judiciously through a wide range of topics in order to provide a solid theological foundation.

BTI offers the course to anyone willing to participate, irrespective of denominational or theological persuasion. For those wanting to attain the Moore College PTC Award (i.e. for accreditation), BTI will serve in helping to facilitate the writing of the official online exam. Click on the link below to find out more about the Moore College PTC,