At BTI we strive to create a learning experience where all the students grow in their knowledge and love for God. In order for us to do this better, we need your feedback. If you have taken one of our courses would you be so kind to fill out the feedback form and help us! 


Your donation enables us to continue running BTI at an affordable cost, to adequately remunerate our lecturers, and to help create a space where participants can grow in their knowledge and love for Christ.

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Our Internship is designed immerse yourself in theological studies coupled with a spiritual mentor that will guide you through the year and help you grow more mature. This will all be done while involved in ministry to help you learn to apply and communicate the truths your will learn. You will also be part of a dynamic team and help guide and shape BTI for the future.

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Tell your friends and family about BTI and invite them along. Our aim is to come alongside churches in Stellenbosch to help equip Christians for everyday ministry. If you feel we have been a help to you in this way, why not talk to your church leadership about BTI and ask how we can promote BTI in your local church community? You can also like our Facebook page to stay up to date with what is happening at BTI.