yEAR 1 - semester 1

Week night lecture


BTI Stellenbosch | Mark

This study of Mark (New Testament 1) takes a systematic approach to reading through the Gospel of Mark, in the process answering the two central questions that Mark poses to his readers: ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘What did Jesus come to do?’. Attention is paid to locating the identity and work of Jesus in the context of the Old Testament expectations of the Messiah and showing how Jesus fulfills those expectations.

Where: Eikestad Primary School, Activity Center

When: Wednesday Nights at 7.30 pm
13 February 2019 - 15 May 2018 

Cost: R150 for Paperback Book (Optional)

yEAR 1 - semester 2

Week night lecture

Biblical Theology 101

Biblical Theology 101.png

Biblical Theology 101 shows how the great themes of the Bible fit together into one story that spans both the Old and New Testaments. At the centre of the story is of course Jesus and this subject shows how God planned to redeem his people, which begins with promises to Abraham and continues through the fortunes of the nation of Israel, reaches its climax at the cross.

Where: Eikestad Primary School, Activity Center

When: Wednesday Nights at 7.30 pm
24 July 2019 - 23 October 2019 

Cost: FREE - R150 for Paperback Book (Optional)